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MoCap Immersive Projection Installation


Requeerium is an art installation that addresses notions of queerness and societal response in relation to contextual environments.The performance highlights the emotions behind collected memories, ever changing based on participation and engagement. The experience consists of live motion capture cues by the audience coupled with an immersive projection installation to create a participatory performance.

Group Member / 

Indira Ardolic

(Art Director)

Jed Watson

(Sound/Light Designer)

Carl Hewitt

(Narrative Writer) 


My Role / 

Unreal Developer

Interaction Designer

Year / 



Project Story

The project began when Indira Ardolic started a conversation of how it felt to be gay.

Although Indira was the only person in our team who belonged to the LGBT community, the rest of us felt emotionally connected to this topic.

Back in China, my best friend at high school was a lesbian. I witnessed how she suffered from the fear of being different and struggled with the pressure from family. This experience gave me the urge to do something for the community.


Collect stories   

Project setup

Through discussion, we decided to utilize light, sound, and immersive projection to recreate the emotion experiences in these themes.

Using the Optitrack system, we layered the virtual space onto the real world. 

We created these "hands", which have motion trackers on them.

We attached virtual cameras on these"hand", so that audience could use them to observe the virtual space.

These "hands" could also "catch" the stories in the virtual space.These "hands" have their virtual representation in the virtual world, so when they collide with the "story sphere" in the virtual world, the story would be played.

Audience Interview

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