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IDEO Colab Fellowship

In 2016, I was chosen 

IDEO Colab uses design to explore how emerging technologies will affect major societal systems. In 2017, they focused on four promising technologies (AR/VR, IoT, AI, and blockchain).


I was chosen to be their January How might blockchains and sensor networks enable markets for underutilized assets where and as needed.Colab Fellow in 2017 IDEO Colab Makeathon (150+ selected participants from a pool of more 800 applicants). During this two-week fellowship, I worked with my teammates to create 3 prototypes that explore the design sprint:  

Group Member / 

Nancy Torres

Business Development

Associate from Uber

(Venture Designer)


Shubhang Desai,

Student from Stanford


(Engineer / Prototyper)


My Role / ​

UX / UI Designer



Year / 


Design Process

The project began when Indira Ardolic started a conversation of how it felt to be gay.

Although Indira was the only person in our team who belonged to the LGBT community, the rest of us felt emotionally connected to this topic.

Back in China, my best friend at high school was a lesbian. I witnessed how she suffered from the fear of being different and struggled with the pressure from family. This experience gave me the urge to do something for the community.

Project Story


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