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Hamsa is a project that comes out of The Reality, Virtually, MIT Hackathon. It aims to create an unique asymmetrical social experience in VR. By linking Leap Motion and HTC Vive, both physical and virtual realities are connected, allowing two participants to see and to interact with each other, across realms, simultaneously and create their own story between a giant and a small person.

Group Member 

Kylin Chen (Interaction Designer)

Nai-Chen Yang (Scene Designer)

Yue Hu  (3D modeler)

My Role 

Unity Development

Interaction Design

Design Tools 



Project Story

   A symbiotic, complementary relationship between two souls put into unequaled vessels. An questioning adventure in an alien land. An mysterious observer broke its silence and decided to intervene. Gifted with each and their own powers and limitations, what lies beyond their path?

Project Detail

During the Hackathon, the biggest challenge that we had was to decide the interaction between the "leap motion" player and the "Vive" player. Our setup turned the two players into a giant and a small person, thus giving them different senses of power in the virtual world. We were struggling to define the relationship between the two players and how their relationship should evolve along the experience.

After a series of discussion, we eventually decided that the two players would cooperate with each other. We designed a simple background story for the experience:


Chapter 1: Unexpected Guest


In this chapter, the lonely giant accidentally broke the home of the small person. Bonded by this accident, they began a journey to the unknown world.

Leap Motion View

Vive View

Chapter 2: On the Way

In this chapter, the giant and the small person travel to different lands. Some lands allow them to draw together and communicate through their drawing, while others allow them to form a band and play music together.

Leap Motion View

Vive View

Chapter 3: Reunion

In this chapter, the giant and the small person lose sight of each other. They need to find each other again in the "hand forest".

Leap Motion View

Vive View

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